We Welcome our Chief Minister on his US Visit

We Welcome our Chief Minister on his US Visit

As the Mahabharata epic goes, when Kurukshetra war was to take place in Dwapara Yuga, Duryodhana and Arjuna went to Lord Krishna to seek his help for the war. Duryodhana opted for the army of Yadavas and Arjuna happily accepted Lord Krishna as his share, saying that he is more than equal to the entire Army of Yadavas.


We are facing a similar situation now. When the combined Andhra Pradesh was divided, Andhrites lost Hyderabad and, along with it, all the industrial and economic strength of the state. They worked hard to achieve the same and felt cheated and helpless. But, luckily, the people of new Andhra State elected Chandra Babu Naidu (CBN) as their Chief Minister who is now playing the role of Lord Krishna in leading the State to new glories. He is proving that Andhras can survive any situation, fight any injustice and still prove that Andhra Pradesh is, any day, the best state of India.


CBN has first demonstrated his political acumen and strategic planning capacity by choosing Amaravati as the capital of the new state and started working towards making it a world-class capital. It is possible that Prime Minister Modi first got a taste of AP CM’s capacity when he procured thousands of acres of land through the Land Pooling Scheme without spending a penny. Obviously, Mr. Modi did not want somebody to beat him in statesmanship and started playing his negative game. And, sadly, we have our own opposition parties and Jayachands like Jagan and GVL Narasimha Rao who are resisting the progress of AP every inch and at every opportunity and are throwing mud on the present leadership of the state.

We have achieved a lot in the past four years and a great foundation is laid by the CM for a greater growth in the next five years.  As Non-Resident Andhras, it becomes our essential duty to bring him back to power in the next elections with so much strength that the national leaders support him wholeheartedly in developing Andhra Pradesh state. It is not to help him or Telugu Desam party. It is to help our children and future generations. It is a HISTORIC NECESSITY. We should help our CM to make Andhra Pradesh so strong and beautiful that we should think of going back to our great motherland.

Let us do everything we can do to help this process. The wealthier NRIs from Andhra can invest and start new ventures in Andhra. The young and energetic youth from IT field should get active in Social Forums and support the CM and his party as ‘CBN Brigade’. The importance of social forums has been felt everywhere, even in the USA, in promoting a political cause and a political party. And, if the need arises, we all should take a vacation here, and go to Andhra Pradesh during next General elections,  to support CBN and thereby fortify his party to regain power and continue his journey to attain a GREATER GLORY for Andhra Pradesh.