About Vavilala Damodar Sharma:

No one can compete with him. No one can reach him in his predictions. Before 2009, he declared Telangana state will be forming under the leadership of KCR.

Though others opposed his predictions, he insisted on formation of Telangana State. It happened. Recently he declared that Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) will win 100 seats in greater Hyderabad under the leadership of KTR. It’s proved too. 20 years of experience fetched him lot of followers.

He is none other than “Brahmasri” Vavilala Damodar Sharma.

He hailed from Karimnagar District. Born in to a Brahmin Priest family, he completed his Masters in Astrology (Gold Medal Winner). Many a famous personalities came into limelight through his Predictions and Yagas he did.

In 2009, he had predicted that Telengana can come only through KCR. Eventually Telangana was formed as a separate state. Vavilala even predicted that if TRS went to Greater Hyderabad Municipal elections with KTR at the helm, TRS can win 100 seats, which as predicted came true.

He is known for his quality of predictions, which is the reason why he is well known all over the world by Telugu speaking people for his capabilities in Vedic Astrology.

He is on his tour of America starting February-16, 2016. He will be performing Chandi Yagas in six different places in America. He will be leading the yagas in Atlanta, Florida, Philadelphia, Virginia and New York.